Friday, August 17, 2007

~Untitled by Mike Ivsin~

***Management Note: The creative work of Mike Ivsin, who entered a sudden fiction on one of the 'non contest' blog entries. We are impressed. Thanks Mike. (We have no email for you. If you send a title we can rename this to your liking. Please write again!)***

Creating something from nothing calls for some skill and patience. Hermes' tablet helps even if it has worn out some at the edges.

The first step is nigredo where much gentle heat is called for. I skipped a step somewhere but then the sudden flash in the pan -- well, what you see is what you get.

I don't mind starting over but I am not sure how to make nothing out of something. Called on Hermes to help me fix it but he left this planet after falling out with (several) daughters of men. So I am told.

Lettuce, anyone?
Of course it's fresh -- just made it!

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Clarke O'Gara said...

Whoop! I like it, captures with humour the trouble of dragging 'thing' from 'no-thing'.