Saturday, August 18, 2007

PSA: Housekeeping


  1. View picture.
  2. Write a sudden fiction (on an open contest) as a comment, leaving a title if you like.
  • Open contests have "open" in the tag section.
  • Closed contests have accents around the titles ~Like This~, and the author is tagged (you can click a name and view all pieces from that author).


The Management chooses a winner, without much of a rubric or strategy. Other pieces are still linked from the # writer/s writing link, and we encourage you to repost your work on your own blog.

Link Us Up

Please publicize the site and favorite it (if you get into Technocrati, etc.). The more writers we have, the more we get to read, and the more fun! If you win, please contact The Management with a blog address (or email, if you like) and short bio!


Clarke O'Gara said...

How does one contact the management? I'm not very good at this blog stuff, only been doing it a few days!

Rion said...

Contact the management by posting on a PSA, or just email

Cynthia said...


Help! I'm going on vacation with my family from 8/26-9/2 and won't have computer access. I need Raincoat Flashers!

Plus, being on a beach with my kids will be great but I'll be stuck there with my husband, too. I will definitely need to write.

Any suggestions?

Back in a week.