Thursday, August 16, 2007

Public Service Announcment

From the Management

Due to a surge of fantastic writing, we will not usually be commenting on individual works as they appear.

Please accept our grateful, envious, and sincere praise right now for all the work you will be doing in the weeks (months? years?) to come. The talent already here is impressive and humbling.
How can we possibly be qualified to choose a 'winner'? Anyhow, we shall try.


Mike Ivsin said...

Can we do a reverso where I supply a two paragraph narrative and you or the Bloggers supply the picture?
Mike I.

Rion said...

We can try that! Why not?

Mike Ivsin said...

Okay, this one is for O-Rion. The following paragraph is from my web site ( and this is the only piece from there that could be called fiction.

The story has it that Archimedes had the cone volume formula inscribed on his tombstone. While this story could be difficult to verify, a much better story would be that he threw a great party and gave everybody a hat. The tradition of the cone shaped party hat would then have been started by Archimedes and it would also have become the longest surviving tradition in the history of the world. There. Then one guy built an arch in the honor of Archimedes and the world was never the same since. As you may well imagine, the guy called himself the architect.

Mike I.