Friday, January 4, 2008

Flasher Bio: Dragon (Co-editor)

Dragon is a misanthropic, anthropophagic, poikilothermic monster, prone to biting when provoked. Under her nom de guerre, Monica Friedman, she has successfully masqueraded as a human being for over three decades, earning degrees in psychology (BA, Antioch College, 1996), English (BA, NEIU, 2001), and creative writing (MFA, WMU, 2004), and working for such illustrious institutions as WW Norton, Third Coast, and Oxford University Press. Currently, she lives in the Sonoran Desert, where, for the last three years, she has undertaken a longitudinal experiment to determine the exact span one can exist as a starving artist without actually starving to death. For many years a fantasist, she is gradually transitioning to non-fiction because she is sick and tired of being told, "that could never happen," when she tries to pass off true stories about her life as fiction.