Friday, February 25, 2011

Read More Dragon!

For my darling fans, all 14 of you:

If you enjoy my microfiction, imagine how much more you'll like my short fiction! You can order a copy of the January 2011 Bards and Sages Quarterly, which features my first published piece of fiction. My short story, "Spin Free," about a dust devil that wants to be a tornado, appears here, along with lots of other great speculative fiction.

If you enjoy my short fiction, imagine how much more you'll like my novels! You can read my YA novel The Final Flavor on This cool website allows you to upload YA content, which is then reviewed by other users of the site, who can recommend your book to others and send you feedback. Every month, the top 5 books are sent directly to the editorial board of HarperCollins.

Here's the blurb for The Final Flavor:

What do a compulsive overeater, a bulimic cheerleader, and a renegade neuroscientist have in common?

One hundred ninety-five pound high school sophomore Dougal Gulden has a unique talent: the ability to eat, and eat, and eat, without ever feeling full. If he keeps working, once day he’s sure to get big enough to take on the world. Unfortunately for Dougal, his pediatrician decides he’s already too big for a teenager who’s only five-six, and thus begins a journey that will turn a shy, shallow outcast into a warrior for the power of good taste, taking on mad scientists, bulimic cheerleaders, and the social hierarchy of the American high school in his quest for the final flavor.

If you read and enjoy my book, you can create a profile on inkpop, leave me feedback, and recommend the work to other users, perhaps bringing me one step closer to fulfilling my dreams. It's a long shot, and, indeed, it's a bit scary sending work out into the world, but I'm trying to step up my game. If you love me, give a Dragon a hand, OK?