Monday, June 3, 2013

Prometheus Remixed! is a collaborative site: anyone can upload text, audio, video, or image files, and then other people can take those files and remix them in different ways. If they make any money off your contribution, you get 1/2.

A friend of mine had previously recorded me reading a few of the short shorts off this site, and added some sound effect, which you can listen to here. Not sure why I never shared that link, but here it is.

However, another friend suggested I get some work on HitRecord, so I uploaded a few pieces last night. And then, while America was sleeping, some guy in the UK recorded "The Postmodern Prometheus," with his lovely, gothic, British accent. It could use a little work (as he points out in his comments--his Evangeline voice isn't quite there, and this version lacks all the sound effects we got into the last version) but I am just enthralled with this guy's voice.