Monday, July 28, 2008

Writing Prompt #19


Clarke O'Gara said...

Title: ¾ of an Hour

“He’s a seer.”

“He’s a what?”

“He’s a SEER,” said Rebecca, “we haven’t managed to mutate a seer until now and we haven’t discovered how far he can see into the future yet.”

“He looks frightened.” Said Emily.

“That’s what’s worrying me,” said Rebecca in a low voice, “we have asked him to do a couple of visions, to have a glance at the future. He finished the last one ten minutes ago, he’s just been silent and frightened since then.”

Emily, the Chief of Staff of the United Republics, and Rebecca, the Union’s best bio-engineer looked down at Altaff. He was a former secret service agent in East Africa and had volunteered for the mutation. He was the strongest man Emily had ever met, she remembered once they had lost contact with him in enemy territory for seven months while undercover, but he had survived.

Now he sat before the two of them crying.

“Everything was scorched!” Altaff’s voice was cracked and soft but it crashed through the silence like a desperate scream, “The air tasted of acid, there was smoke in the sky, everything was burnt except a stupid bucket. Nothing was alive. Just death.”

Emily and Rebecca looked at each other, Rebecca asked a question she already knew the answer to, “Where were you?”

“Here.” He whispered.

“How far in the future was this?” Asked Emily

“45 minutes,” coughed Altaff.

Cynthia said...

"What have I done?"

Looking around, Joe took in the scene of mass destruction.

"I thought talking with them would save us."

Joe gingerly stepped around the ruins.

"I should have voted for the other guy. What have I done?"