Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Flasher Reverso Action

***Management Note: We have been challenged by Mike Ivsin to come up with a suitably flashy illustration/photo for his work. Please email any entries to amyc@infotronics.com for posting.***

The story has it that Archimedes had the cone volume formula inscribed on his tombstone. While this story could be difficult to verify, a much better story would be that he threw a great party and gave everybody a hat. The tradition of the cone shaped party hat would then have been started by Archimedes and it would also have become the longest surviving tradition in the history of the world. There. Then one guy built an arch in the honor of Archimedes and the world was never the same since. As you may well imagine, the guy called himself the architect.
Entry 1: The Management

Illustration courtesy:
http://www.jjchandler.com/tombstone/ He also has a church sign generator, which is bound to come in handy.


Mike Ivsin said...

Great, now I am hard pressed for claiming original writing.
Yeah, competing with gravestone makers, too.
Then again, that 2:3 ratio near the top should really be 1:3 because that is the ratio Archimedes discovered as the proportion between the cone and the cylinder.
However, the 2:3 fraction is the only fraction ancient Egyptians used, which was not in line with ancient Egyptian fractions.

And the winner is ... let's party!

Rion said...

Man o man, darn that random web search. :-)
Sorry the writing failed to inspire more pics:-)

Write more...

Anonymous said...

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